3 Ways to Style Your Designer Pillows Like a Pro

Is your space a blank canvas, in need of a style refresh, or perhaps just needs the finishing touch only fabulous pillows can provide? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, allow us to guide you through a transformative journey of style tips!


1. Create Your Ideal Color Mélange

  • Select your foundation color.
    Your foundation color, as you might have guessed, is what you build the rest of your palette around. If you have a patterned piece you’re styling, you can select a dominant color or a color you love within the pattern. If your furniture piece is neutral, you can select a color that already exists as a dominant color in your space. If your space and furniture are neutral and you’re looking to add color, then simply pick a color you love!
  • Find the pattern that makes your heart skip a beat.
    Now that you have a foundation color, find a patterned pillow you simply can’t live without that has this color in it. This step can seem a little overwhelming, but don’t feel discouraged, just take your time and have fun!
  • Select a coordinating solid.
    Let’s look at the patterned pillow you fell in love with from the previous step. Select one of the colors from within the pattern that isn’t your foundation color to be your coordinating solid. Consider selecting a pillow larger in size than your patterned one to act as a backdrop that enhances the visual allure.
  • Choose a second solid with some contrast.
    It's time to infuse depth into your composition. Select another solid pillow with a rich texture to bring some tactile elegance to your space, or a small-scaled pattern that contrasts and enhances your main patterned pillow for an added touch of unique flair to your color palette. For example, you could pair stripes with a floral design, abstracts with a geometric pattern, or organic textures with transitional patterns, among other possibilities.

2. Revel in Variation

Now that you have a color palette to follow, you can choose different sizes, patterns, and textures for variation. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Select one solid, one pattern, and one pillow with a different texture or in a different size. You can use multiples of pillows depending on the furniture you’re styling.
  • If monochromatic elegance resonates with you, select styles in the same colors, but different sizes and textures. You’ll still have a tonal look and feel, but the sizes and fabric variations keep it from feeling too matchy-matchy.
  • If you prefer a tailored and understated look, you aren’t limited to pillows in the same size, shape, and color to maintain symmetry. Layer pillows in ascending sizes – large, medium, small – while retaining harmony through shared colors, subtle patterns, or textured styles in soft hues.

3. Go Bold

Pillows offer a safe way to test out a bold look on a smaller scale. You can pair a bold pattern with a solid that compliments one of the softer shades within your style, or you can pair a vibrant pattern with a bright solid if you want something that really pops! Or bring a specific color in the pattern to forefront.

If solids and neutrals have your heart, fret not. Boldness doesn't escape you – explore diverse sizes, shapes, and textures to let your pillows strike a fearless pose.

Moreover, keep the excitement alive by changing up your pillows with the changing seasons. Let cozy fabrics and warm colors waltz in during fall and winter, while vibrant shades and lightweight fabrics mirror the spring and summer months.


With these style insights at your fingertips, you're poised to navigate your space's style journey with the elegance of a true maître. Experience the magic of pillows and watch your space transform right before your eyes!

Solitaire / Emerald

Theory / Ochre

Impasto / Citrine

Chivalry / Marigold

Fluted II / Smoke
Fluted II

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