Pamper Your Pillows

 Pamper Your Pillows: A Cleaning Guide

Feel comfortable smothering your pillows with love for we present your go-to guide, a little savoir-faire if you will, to pamper your pillows and keep them looking new:

    • Blot Away Spills - Quick reflexes are your best friends when a spill happens. Carefully remove the pillow insert, place a dry cloth on the inside of the cover to absorb the spill while you gently blot away the mishap from the other side. The bottom cloth absorbs the spill while you work your magic from the top.
    • No Rubbing, Please - While it's tempting to play superhero, resist the urge to rub at stains or spills. This can wreak havoc on the fabric. Patience is the secret to stain success!
    • Spot-Clean - If the stain is being a little difficult, a bit of spot cleaning can save the day. Use a mild detergent or a water-free solvent. Gently blot the stain with a clean cloth, no vigorous scrubbing – that can spread the stain or harm the fabric. If the stain is stubborn, you can scrub gently to get the soap to work into the stain.
    • Dry Clean - When in doubt, or for stubborn stains, entrust your beloved pillows to a professional cleaner. Dry cleaning can work wonders, especially for delicate or finicky fabrics.

     Now, onto inserts…

    Washing your pillow inserts is like giving them a spa day, and they deserve one at least once a year. Here's how to keep those inserts fresh and fluffy!

    • Remove the Insert - Always separate the pillow cover and insert, never mix the two in the wash.
    • Pre-Treat Stains - If your pillow insert has endured its fair share of mishaps, pre-treat those stains before washing. A gentle, fabric-safe detergent should do the trick.
    • Cold Water and a Gentle Cycle - In the washing machine, opt for cold water and a gentle cycle. Hot water can damage or turn your pillow inserts into mini marshmallows, and that's not what we're aiming for.
    • Gentle Detergent - Pick a mild detergent that's gentle on your pillow insert's fabric. Avoid harsh chemicals, bleach, or fabric softeners – they're the villains in this story. Powder detergent? Not recommended, it leaves a residue – stick with liquid.
    • A Balancing Act - If you will be using a top-load washer, balance is key. Place two pillow inserts vertically in the washer to keep things steady. An off-balance washer can wreak havoc on your pillows and the machine.
    • No Wringing or Rolling - Think of your pillow inserts like delicate flowers – no wringing or rolling. These actions can lead to lumps and bumps.
    • The Drying Dance - Proper drying prevents moldy surprises. You can air dry them in a well-ventilated area, or opt for the dryer, adding dryer balls to fluff and restore their original shape.
    • Fluff and Love - Once your pillow inserts are dry, give them a fluff. They'll thank you by snuggling you back even cozier than before.

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    Regular cleaning maintains the style and durability of your cherished pillows. By following our cleaning guide, you can ensure your pillows are cleaned effectively and safely, allowing you to enjoy your pillows free of worry. So, no need to hide your pillows when guests arrive or your furniture is being used - They’re the stars of your décor and were made for the spotlight!


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